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Here's What You'll Learn In 
The Guitar Workout Series: Essential Techniques
Right & Left Hand Coordination 
  • Picking exercises designed to provide a challenge in both hands.
  • Chromatic and string skipping examples cause the player to not just technically navigate, but mentally involve themselves in the note choices.
  • Rhythmic complexity creates a challenging exercise, for any player, in both hands.
Basic Concepts For Legato Playing
  • Various exercises detailing the techniques and musical concepts involved in legato playing.
  • Definitions and examples of the numerous types of legato, with corresponding exercises.
  • The practical application of legato and its forms in playing popular songs.
Introduction to Bending
  • Detailed explanation of how to execute string bending using various finger and string combinations.
  • The method and technique behind bending upward to various notes either a half-step or whole-step away from the root note.
What students are saying about our latest guitar workout exercise on stretching...
I have always been in awe of those players that can stretch over five or six frets. Could never come close to that without cramping up so bad that my toes would even curl. Going to give this a shot.

~ chuckbelisle ~
Thanks for the exercise. I really needed that one. First thing I noticed was how much harder it is to press on the strings so far up the neck. Something I don’t often do. So this will toughen up the finger tips more. The stretch is good in that I can do it in levels. Keep up the good work.

~ Elaine ~
Thanks – anything that helps with dexterity, strength etc. just makes playing that little easier and more enjoyable.
 ~ Martin B. ~
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